Sasuke Sarutobi
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Sasuke Sarutobi





Sasuke Sarutobi is Yukimura's pet.


Sarutobi Sasuke is a monkey as well as Yukimura Sanada's Pet. She is introduced in Episode 2,  and it is her love for banana's that leads to her to being brought into the dojo by Muneakira and subsequently she is found out as the culprit in the disappearance of Yukimuras' underwear. Yukimura explains that Sasuke was her pet in Ueda and that she followed her to the dojo despite her ordering her to stay behind.

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#1 Maid is Sasuke!

Shortly after becoming a master samurai, she begins working in the cafe as a maid. Her manner of speech and monkey attributes combine to make her the number one maid as she easilly brings in numerous customers. She is often seen riding on Jubei's shoulder or walking with Muneakira and Jubei on their late night runs for discount food. 


Initially thought to be an alien by Muneakira, Sasuke is revealed to be a monkey. In her monkey form, Sasuke has brown fur with white fur on the tip of her head, tail, paws, and also covering her face and belly. She also wears a dark blue muffler around her neck. Her head shape is comes to a soft rounded peak, resembling a mountain and she has no distinct ears (this may be what lead to her being mistaken as an alien).


Sasuke's Human Form.

She gains a human form when using her master samurai abilities but retains some qualities of her original form, including a tail and gloves and boots resembling paws and monkey ears. She has blue eyes and slightly bushy eye brows. She also has waist lenght layered blonde hair very short bangs with white tips that part down the middle of her neck. Her side burns part into four sections with the bottom half partially covering her breasts. Aside from her hair, tail, and paws, she is entirely nude.


Generally happy and upbeat, Sasuke has shown that she can be a bit devious when it comes to her relationship with Kanetsugu as well as caring. Going so far as to steal her panties when she tries to upstage her in Episode 2. She even protects Kanetsugu from a berserk dark samurai and after the battle is over, resumes laughing at her.
  • Sasuke to the rescue?? ...nope.
  • Sasuke Gaurds Kanetsugu
  • Sasuke mocking Kanetsugu after her new hammer crumbles.



Sasuke has a battle potential of 5 million, which is master samurai level. She is a hand to hand combatant with agility and strength as her main attributes. She attacks with kicks and punches and utilizes her speed and agility to evade her enemies attacks. Though she is strong, she changes back into a monkey when she becomes fatigued. 
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An exhausted Sasuke.