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Matabei Gotō
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Matabei Gotō





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Matabei Gotō is Yukimura Sanada's bodyguard and loyal samurai. She and Yukimura sneak into the Yagyu Dojo to warn of the dark forthcoming. She currently does not have a master samurai and finds it to be wrong to forcefully make a pact with Muneakira. Her weapon is a spear and can also use a small tantō that she dons as a hair accessory. In her Master Samurai mode, her weapon is a large calligraphy brush with a retractable blade. She loves cooking, hot baths, and cleaning laundry. She has very large breasts and is most often seen in an revealing underwear that shows off her buttocks. Jubei's nickname for Matabei is "Beta-san".

Powers & Abilities[]

She possess a superhuman sense of smell. She later becomes Muneakira's sixth Master Samurai. In Master Samurai mode, her weapon becomes a giant calligraphy brush with a retractable spear head.

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