Hanzo Hattori


Hanzo Hattori




Double-bladed pole, katanas, shurikens, scroll

Hanzo Hattori is Sen Tokugawa's servant and the head of the Student Council police. She always wears a maid's outfit and glasses. Her weapon is a double-bladed pole that can split into two individual katana, but she can also shoot a weapons like shurikens from under her skirt. Her glasses also give her special skills like the ability to detect someone's power level.

Sen's servant and head of the Student Council police. It is hinted that she has deeper feelings for Sen and may be a masochist longing for her abuses. Her weapon is a double-bladed pole that can split into two individual katana and she can shoot a number of shuriken, kunai or any throwable material under her skirt. Her glasses can also dectect an individual's power level, similar to the Saiyans' scouters from the Dragon Ball series.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

She later becomes Muneakira's seventh Master Samurai. In master samurai she uses a holographic display in lieu of her glasses to detect an opponents power level plus their Qi level. Her weapon is a giant scroll on her back that can split into various three-sided shurikens.

Appearance Edit

Hanzo is a very beautiful young woman. She has long silver-color hair that is in a ponytail. She is always wears a maid dress, and wears a pair of glasses. She wears white socks, on her right leg a grey legging, and a pair of black and red platform sandals that has a thin cylindrical shape on the underside, so it appears as if she is balancing on a pair of sticks.

Personality Edit

Hanzo is a very loyal person, always ready to fight at her friends side when needed. She is also kind and cares for everyone around her, but is also fearless and strong. As a young girl Hanzo was very shy, and also a bit clumsy, but when Sen was bullied by kids at their school, Hanzo would always protect the princess. This gave are the motivation to become stronger so that she could protect the princess at all times. She is also a bit of a masochist as well.

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