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Gisen Yagyu


Gisen Yagyu




Scissor blade

Another girl that falls naked from the sky into Muneakira Yagyū's arms. She has an eyepatch and refers to Muneakira as "Master." She reveals her true self in Episode 9 when she states that her general Amakusa Shirō is the strongest man in Japan. Gisen intends to revive him so they can try to destroy Japan again. She then takes control over Muneakira with her right "evil eye" and makes him hurt his allies. In Master Samurai mode she is able to control ice.

Evil eye[]

Evil eye gisen.jpg

Gisen has an ability called evil eye. She can control enemies and allies with the eye, but can only control one person at a time. The eye is very strong and the ability is unbreakable.

Master samurai mode[]

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In Master Samurai mode, Gisen can control ice. Her general is Amakusa Shirō.

Master samurai Abilities:[]

  • Hjoranjin (Rangin Icy sword)
    • Involves throwing sharp ice fragments the enemy.
    • Zettai Reido: Involves freezing the enemy and then destroy                                                                                                              it in pieces